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Thinking about purchasing glasses online??

Today the interest has made it so easy to purchase merchandise with only our fingertips! However, should we purchase eyewear online?

Here are a few reasons why NOT to purchase glasses online:

  • You’re not able to try frames on to decide which one you like best
    • We often find a frame on the board that looks great, only to try it on and find out it doesn’t fit well or poorly compliments our face!
    • Companies like Warby Parker boast of their limited frame options and frame colors aimed at helping to make the decision process easier, but why put yourself in a box? Why be forced to choose between the options they find stylish versus expressing your on diversity?
  • There are custom measurements needed to order glasses that must be done as the frame sits on your face to ensure the lenses are placed correctly in the frame so that you have optimal vision.
    • Examples:
      • Pupillary distance: the distance between the two center points of your eyes
      • Segment Height: This is a very important measurement for bifocals and progressive lenses that must be measured from the base of the frame to the center point of your eye.  This measurement will vary depending on which frame you select and how it sits on your face.
  • Remaking an incorrect prescription
    • The wrong prescription could make your vision blurred along with making your eyes feel uncomfortable.
  • Some websites may not take your insurance !!!!
    • These are YOUR benefits! Make sure that you are comparing prices online to what your insurance offers
  • Counterfeit frames
    • Ray Ban is now the #1 counterfeit product worldwide
  • Adjustments! When purchasing online, your frame is shipped to your doorstep and no one is there to insure a proper fit/form to your face. Poor fits can lead to poor vision quality and discomfort including rubbing behind the ears or pressure points on your nose.
  • Most importantly, customer care! You do not get the one-on-one service online that we provide here at Huntingdon Vision Center!!

If this is something you are considering, please make sure you understand the company’s policies before you take the plunge! Sure, we all love the convenience of shopping online, but would you want to purchase a car without taking a test drive or buy a house just based on images from a website?